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Snacks with Infinite Goodness

At swiig, we really like to eat. Sure we’re all about good nutrition, but we just love to eat. We love snacking and want to make sure that we can help you make smart choices when you snack. That’s why we offer Infinitely Good Granola and Dried  Fruits & Veggies. It’s those little bites that keep you going through the day, and there’s no reason why they can’t taste delicious and be nutritious too!


Rolled oats roasted to perfection and blended with organic ingredients and fun that makes for a Great Granola. You might want to sit down to breakfast with a bowl of the Cranberry Almond. You might want to blend up the Apple Cinnamon with your favorite shake. We like to throw any flavor in a little snack bag with some Dried Fruits, a sprinkle of some extra seeds or nuts and we’re ready to go...all day long! Healthy that’s a smart choice.


It doesn’t matter whether we Freeze-Dry them or Air-Dry them. It doesn’t matter whether they are Whole, Sliced or Powdered. No matter what we do to them, swiig’s Dried Fruits & Veggies are nutrient-dense and packed with great taste! We could tell you that because of the way that we dry our Stuff, everything is still enzymatically alive and that eating alive food is super healthy, but all that will really matter to you is that when you mix them into your favorite shake or throw them in a Great Granola, they are chock-full of Infinite Goodness.

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