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“What We’re Reading” are the articles that we read from a broad range of publications to keep updated and informed about health, wellness, fitness and nutrition. Some sentiments contained within “What We’re Reading” articles may not strictly conform with Simple Again’s nutritional outlook. We read articles containing opposing information all the time and derive our nutritional philosophies from the latest science, the opinions of experts worldwide and our anecdotal experiences in the field. We keep an open mind and a strong affinity for fact-based evidence to help make the world of nutrition “Simple Again” for you.


5 Daily Practices of
Healthy Happy People

6 Steps to 
Healing Yourself

10 Reasons to
Buy Local Food

10 Ways to Stop Judging
Your Body So Harshly

Are Your Kids 
Hungry or Bored?

How Fracking Affects
Your Farmer's Market

How to Help the
Environment by Recycling

Is Harvesting Palm Oil
Destroying the Rainforests?

One Size Doesn't Fit All:
How to Find the Best
Health & Fitness
Routine For You

Physical, Social, Emotional
& Intellectual Benefits of
Outdoor Recreation


Proof that Hiking Makes
You Happier & Healthier


Top 10 Reasons to
Support Organic


Tricks to Avoid
Emotional Eating


The U.S. Bans GMOs, 
Bee-Killing Pesticides in
All Wildlife Refugees

Why You Don't Need to
Lose Those Last 10 lbs


Why You Stress Eat
& How to Stop It


Surefire Ways to Make
Your Resolutions Stick


4 Commitments You Can
Make to Have Happy,
Healthy Holidays

4 Crucial Ways Playing
Outdoors in Winter
Benefits Children

5 Ways to Start the
New Year Off Right


Top 10 Benefits
Of Bicycling

Sustainable Fishing


What's More Important:
Exercise or Sleep?

5 Ways to Start the
New Year Off Right

Surefire Ways to Make
Sure Your Resolutions Stick


Why Should I Buy &
Eat Local Foods?


Important Value for
Youth Participating in
Competitive Sports

Baby Steps Lead to
Big Results


4 Habits of Healthy People


2 Fixes that Can
Curb Inflammation


Does Melatonin Really
Improve Sleep?


Recovery Trends:
Ease Away the Pain with
Floatation Therapy

5 Ways to Add Health
& Fitness Into Your
Busy Schedule