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“What We’re Reading” are the articles that we read from a broad range of publications to keep updated and informed about health, wellness, fitness and nutrition. Some sentiments contained within “What We’re Reading” articles may not strictly conform with Simple Again’s nutritional outlook. We read articles containing opposing information all the time and derive our nutritional philosophies from the latest science, the opinions of experts worldwide and our anecdotal experiences in the field. We keep an open mind and a strong affinity for fact-based evidence to help make the world of nutrition “Simple Again” for you.

Fitness Basics


How Rock Climbing Does
Your Mind & Body Good

Ten Benefits of Swimming
You May Not Know About

The Afterburn Effect


Indoor vs. Outdoor

Treadmill vs.
Running Outside

What Are the Health
Benefits of Baseball?

8 Best & Worst
Exercises For Your Heart

6 Reasons to Ditch the
Gym & Exercise Outside


Do Treadmill Miles Wear
Shoes Out at the Same
Rate as Road Miles?

Top 10 Health Benefits
of Baseball


3 HIIT Workouts You
Can Do at the Beach


7 Unique Ways of Getting
Exercise at the Beach


When it Comes to Fitness
One Size Doesn't Fit All


3 Easy Ways to Prevent
Shin Splints


3 Skills You Need
Outside of Fitness


3 Swimming Sets
For a Faster 1

4 Ways to Become a
Better Runner This Year

4 Ways to Tailor Your
Strength Training To Meet
Your Goals

5 Beginner Yoga Poses
or Seniors

5 Get Lean Tips
for Runners


5 Must Do Glute
Exercises for Runners
and Cyclists

5 Offseason Rules to
Help You Refocus on
Strength and Core

5 Ways to Ease into
Faster Running


5K and 10K Training
Plans for Beginners

6 One-Hour Freestyle

6 Simple Reasons You Are
Not Making Gains

7 Ways to Recover
from a Run

8 Things Every Runner is
Definitely Tired of Hearing

9 Ways to Prevent Side
Stitches when Running

10 Ways to Reduce
Frontal Drag

12 Workout Myths That Just
Need To Go Away

13 Ways to Sneak
in More Cardio


17 Things to Know Before
You Choose a Race
Training Plan


Ask an Expert



Base Building Cycling
for the Beginner Triathlete


Do Triathletes Need a
Turbocharged Engine in
Freestyle Swimming


Heart Rate Monitoring


How to Perfect Your
Swim Tempo


How to Pick the Best Running
+ Walking Shoes for You


How to Wash Your
Triathlon Gear

Key Run Workouts for
Race Day Performance

Kicking Sets for Triathletes


Lactate Threshold and
V02 Max Explained

Learning from Failure Leads
to Success in Triathlon

New to Core Training?
Try These 4 Moves

Running Shoes - How to
Invest in the Perfect Pair

Should You Take a Break
From Training?

Swim School


The 5 Best Core Moves for Runners and Cyclists


The 5 Worst Habits
of Runners


The 10 Real Simple
Commandments of
Gym Etiquette

The 10 Rules of
Successful Exercise


The 80-Minute Training Plan


The Runners Guide to
Strength Training


Training Hydration 


Triathlon Nutrition Myths
and Misconceptions


Try This 30 Minute
Swim Workout


Try This Full-Body
5 Minute Workout


What Happens To Your
Body When You Skip
Your Workouts

When Should You Replace
Your Running or
Walking Shoes?

Which Helps You Lose
Weight Faster - Body Weight
or Weighted Exercise?

Your Sweat Rate


Want to Run Faster?
Try Cycling