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Dan’s Story: Told by Dan

I Am You.

Really, I am you. I'm an average, everyday guy that was working hard for years making a living and raising a young family. Being a sports enthusiast and always pretty health conscious, it was surprising when I found myself riddled with ailments caused by my diet.

Bodybuilding was one of my hobbies, and at the time, I was eating the same basic foods and taking tons of supplements each and every day. I was trying to outsmart Mother Nature, but it didn’t work. Over time, this regimen weakened my digestive system to a point where I could no longer absorb nutrients. I contracted Systemic Candida, which weakened my immune system, and then Epstein Barr Syndrome and other maladies took over. My life became unbearable.

After 2 years of just surviving and hoping time would heal me, I sought help. I went to my family doctor who passed me around from specialist to specialist. No one had any answers, so I decided to return to my core beliefs. I picked up a book called Healing with Whole Foods by Paul Pitchford. The book relates ancient eastern traditions with modern nutritional practices, encouraging us to heal our bodies with the power of nature. I was so inspired that I read it cover to cover twice and even corresponded with the author. He gave me hope. For the first time in a couple years I believed I could get better!

What I learned reinforced my own beliefs that whole foods are nature’s pharmacy and that within fruits, veggies, grains, and legumes are countless healing properties. I researched which foods were causing my diseases and those that could heal them. I committed to myself and to my family and over the course of a year, began changing my diet to incorporate those healing foods.

Almost 20 years later, I am 100% healed. I have never had a reoccurrence of any of my so called ‘incurable’ diseases. I enjoy natural, whole foods that originate in nature and I’ve committed to a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle. I’ve continued to educate myself (and others) on the healing powers of whole foods and I couldn’t be more passionate about that message.

It was this passion that caused me to leave roofing and start Performance Food Centers.  I pursued Bally Total Fitness for a year before finally getting them to let me revamp their snack bars. 16 years and over 2000 juice bars later, PFC is providing the best natural, whole-food products available. Now, our juice bars are serving thousands of shakes a day nationwide, in Canada and on many islands. We get to help people everywhere live happier, healthier lives.

I travel the country educating fitness & nutrition professionals, along with everyday people, about eating healthy and staying healthy. I get to pass my story on to others who suffer from illness or poor health and who want to change their lives. In my travels, I have seen a diet of whole foods cure candida, ulcerative colitis, cancer, type 2 diabetes and many other diseases. I have also seen whole-food products help people achieve new levels of fitness performance that before seemed unachievable. My credo when starting this business was “To bring whole food products to people who care about their bodies while simplifying the complex world of nutrition.” Today, PFC has grown into Simple Again, which embodies that credo.

I am you. Anyone can become ill – I did. But you can live well if you eat well. Our whole team at Simple Again wants to help. We hope you’ll let us.


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