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Success Stories

Read below for some testimonials from our amazing customers. We left out the nasty stuff for your convenience (wink wink).

So, what can I expect when I get started?

“It has been such a positive move and never have I felt better (as a self-proclaimed nutritionist) about promoting our smoothies to our members knowing they are doing a very good thing for their bodies!!"

The M.A.C., IA  |  Lori Carey

“Hooking up with you guys was the best decision I ever made.You guys have been a godsend and I’m so thankful I found you. My shakes are selling like crazy and I just love your people over there. Everyone is helpful, happy and so easy to work with!"

Yo Tea Go, Clovis, NM  |  Oscar "OC" O.

"I am so VERY thankful that I decided to choose PFC for the re-vamping of our smoothie bar. I did my research and knew this was some of the best product out there — but what I didn’t expect was to be amazed by the customer service.

Our Rep, Dottie has truly gone above and beyond to ensure I had exactly what I needed when I needed it. She has not only helped with my initial order, but has continued to answer any questions and assist in any way she could. It was very helpful to have EVERYTHING I needed to start our new system arrive in one day. The immediate downloads and simple (yet absolutely delicious) recipes were exactly what was needed to easily train the team and generate excitement around the club. Our members seem to approve of this decision as well — many times now we’ve heard “this tastes too good to be good for me.” The flavor profile of the shakes is wonderful and the smoothie of the month adds a bit of variety. I couldn’t be happier with our decision to choose PFC. Thank You for all of your help — I can’t wait to see what the future of our new smoothie bar holds!

P.S. Do yourself a favor — try the Java Jolt (you can thank me later). Don’t like chocolate or coffee? Prefer something a little more tropical? Then go with the Hawaiian Harvest (you’re welcome)."

Santé Fitness & Wellness, St. Louis, MO  |  Hallie S.

“I have no doubt we made the right decision using your ingredients for our smoothies – they are super popular and I hear all the time we have the best tasting ones – so yay!!!”

Zone 6 Fitness, Kansas City, MO  |  Jennifer M.

"We just wanted to say it has been a pleasure working with you and your team from start to finish on developing our Smoothie Bar!

To be honest we called around and spoke to various vendors and simply got the run around. We then wanted to commit to a brand name like Dr. Smoothie, but even had a difficult time understanding how their product line worked for a family and friends gym like Navesink Fitness. We eventually connected with the right person at Dr. Smoothie who referred us to Performance Foods. If my memory serves me correctly you guys got an email from Dr. Smoothie and called us back that very same day!

Chris called us back and went over our different options from constructing the Smoothie Bar from start to finish – even offering to basically be the General Contractor. However by this time we already had drawing available and begun talks with a local carpenter, electrician, and plumber. Even still your team was still readily available for consultations for Health Code Regulations, Signs, and Ingredients that were necessary for the top 10 sellers.

We were new to the business of selling smoothies. You, nor your team ever once got frustrated with us even though we changed our minds a hundred times throughout the project. Your positive and reinforcing attitude helped us to continue to move forward with our goal. For that we thank you and look forward to doing more business with you in the future!"

Navesink Fitness, Middletown, NJ  |  Dave. Z

“Our members & staff absolutely LOVE Simple Again smoothies. We have been increasing our shake sales and repeat customers drastically since switching over to these products last year. The smoothies are easy to make and taste fresh and healthy. The smoothie of the month is always a hit!”

Fitness World, Durhman, NC  |  Kathleen T.

"From the initial consults and planning of the design of the new space and equipment selection with Ryan and Tim, who are both sooo patient (I had just a few changes along the way, even to the day the plumber arrived and starting digging and we had to stop everyone in their tracks and make adjustments to the plan so quickly, they were both so wonderful about helping make it all work) and so knowledgeable too with each piece of equipment down to the lingo of the health department, which we passed just this week — yay!!!!

To Chris and Andrea helping out oh so much with product selections and ordering, such a pleasant/awesome experience, especially at a time when there is so many decisions to be made, they both made it so easy, whatever they said, I knew I was in good hands and will be as we go forward.

To delivery of the products, so cool having Kathy pull up so early in the am to arrive with my first shipment, thank you warehouse, everything was packed and labeled so perfect.

To Dan, our fearless leader, who has helped me out every step of the way, from talks of the initial project and business planning (even when I wanted to give up when my plans were "rejected" once or twice by the boro) to the final menu concept and training — whoa, I have never felt so proud to be part of such an incredible team. So much so when students/customers ask me how all this happened (and they do all the time as they have seen this whole process unfold, literally as we had to tear down a block wall into our yoga room to connect the spaces), I just say to check out PFC/Simple Again — they make it so easy, ahhh, so simple, right?!

This is what I hope to be just the beginning as I really dive into serving a community in such need/search of healthy offerings. If you ever come my way, and I hope you each do, you will see, we are really the only ones offering anything healthy in town, and the community is really responding. Just in the last few days, I have had such a great response from my students on all the new products we have sampled out and we are even getting thumbs up from those I have never met on the street as they saw signs of our grand opening. From this place, I am really feeling optimistic and excited, mostly because of the tremendous support from all of you and the amazing opportunity I have had to learn and grow with PFC over the last six years, which is so appreciated, more than words can say.

So thank you to all of you, I really look forward to working with you all in new and different ways, especially marketing, I have such fun ideas coming your way! Please know you each play such an important part in helping out so many, beyond what you may see and hear, the ripples are being felt and I hope to continue to pass the message along in anyway I can!"

Nourishing Storm Café, Hatboro, PA  |  Kristin R.

"Thank you for your persistant effort with getting our ice machine replaced. We were also reimbursed for our service costs. It feels great to know we chose a company that takes care of you even after the initial juice bar purchase."

Advantage Personal Training, Mystic & Nyantic, CT  |  Greg D.

"Dear Chris and Team,

It has been a few hectic months getting this business transitioned but we are over the finish line (at least the first one) and not without huge assist from PFC. Your products have helped me to make a smooth transition offering recipes that all my customers enjoy, and permit the flexibility to create custom shakes for our customers. Customer Service is capable and conscientious, ensuring orders are processed efficiently and accurately, offering new suggestions or replacements so that I am not caught short on ingredients.

It has been said that we eat with our eyes first, and I want to give a great big thank you to your marketing team – I am well aware of the skill and time needed to create effective marketing, and your team has done a great job offering little guys like me an exciting choice of design themes. Your signage is compelling, and has drawn new customers to try us for the first time. Please take a look at the signage with the woodgrain that we have implemented at all five locations. Customers find it to be a fresh, healthy, farm-to-table look, just like I was hoping for.

The addition of new shakes and recipes incorporating more on trend ingredients such as yogurt, chia seeds and almond butter have been a big hit as well.

I appreciate your marketing efforts – you are rock stars!!"

Energy Bar, Buffalo, NY  |  Pam G.

"These menus look great! We’ve already had a lot of compliments on them and will be rotating them on the menu board. Additionally, all of the marketing collateral that we’ve received from PFC has been really terrific! Thank you very much to all of you for helping to really make our smoothie bar something special!"

Duvall Fitness, Duvall, WA  |  Jeff W.

"I have worked with PFC for over 10 years and have found them simply to be the best in the business!

Dan and Dottie provided excellent initial training for my team and Dottie has done two follow up trainings with my Personal Trainers and Cafe Team that were fantastic !

The menus that Dottie and my Cafe team created together came out great and even after my team requested minor changes, PFC was able to accommodate us immediately and had the new ones out to us the following week.

Lastly, my club was serving less than 10 shakes a day and since we've been using PFC that number has increased to about 60! And that was without any Marketing and during a month filled with Spring Breaks when our daily workouts were down over 20% so I expect this number to be up to 100 shakes a day in no time!

Lastly, I have had many of my Members comment on how delicious and healthy the shakes are so I couldn't be happier about switching to PFC products.

Thanks Dan and Dottie for your continued support throughout this entire process!"

Midtown Athletic Club, Multiple Locations  |  Mike L.

"Opening a juice bar was the best decision of my life. Working with PFC has also been amazing, from working with Chris to customer service you far exceed any of my other vendors!"

A to Zinc, Clarkesville, GA  |  Rufino & Tracy P.

“[Dan] visited our club about a month ago to set up our smoothie bar and trained myself and my staff. We were extremely honored to be fortunate enough to have [Dan] train us! I wanted to start by thanking [him] for this, there is nothing better than hearing about a company from the person who started it! We are all extremely grateful for the time [he] took to travel here and the time that [he] spent with us, we learned so much!

During the time leading up to [Dan's] visit I was able to dive into a good deal of the literature that is provided and in doing so I have developed a passion for what you and your team stand for and want to provide your customers, your visit only made this stronger. Thank you for providing what no other company has ever been able to do. Our members will have a much better chance to succeed!

The M.A.C., IA  |  Lori Carey

“Thanks again. You guys have been absolutely amazing to work with and have made this process so satisfying, simple and easy to use and understand.”

Temple Fitness, WA |  Dan E.