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On-Site & Virtual Training


PFC is invested in your success from start to finish. We outshine our competition by ensuring that you shine right from the outset. PFC offers On-Site Trainings to help get you up & running and your staff educated & energized about your Shake/Smoothie Bar and the products you’re selling. When they come to your location, our Trainers will:

  • Set-Up your Shake/Smoothie Bar Ingredients, Equipment & Workflow
  • Provide Instruction on Managing Your Shake/Smoothie Bar
  • Do a Shake/Smoothie Bar Blending Manual Review
  • Cover Shake/Smoothie Bar Safety & Foodservice Regulations
  • Detail Opening & Closing Procedures
  • Set & Measure Performance Level Metrics
  • Demonstrate how to Achieve the “Perfect Pour”
  • Discuss Inventory Control
  • Teach your Staff to:
    • Sell Natural, Whole Foods
      Shakes & Snacks
    • Upsell
    • Understand Basic Nutrition

    PFC University

     Your staff may not all be available to attend our On-Site Training, and you’re going to be in business for a long time…staff will    come and go. We have a solution that allows everyone to get the same information at any time. Our exclusive PFC University  is an online course that trains your employees with the same breadth and detail that we offer in person. This tool can be used as an educational resource each and every day to help your staff and your Shake/Smoothie Bar as successful as it can be.